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Keyboard + TrackPad Replacement

Are you experiencing issues with your MacBook Keyboard or TrackPad?

The Keyboard/TrackPad is one of the most common parts of the MacBook to start experiencing issues. If one or more of the Keys are not working or your TrackPad is stuck or cracked, then it is time to get it replaced. 

We offer the most affordable prices on Apple parts.​

We  carry a large stock of parts. We can replace the Keyboard or TrackPad without replacing the entire top case, and save you a lot of money.​

Additional Information

6-Month Warranty

We offer limited warranty on repairs. Accidental Damage and cracked screens are not covered.

Upfront Pricing

We offer the best prices on repairs. We do not bill variable amounts. Our technician will give you a flat rate for the cost.

Diagnostic Test

We offer a free diagnostic test for all our repairs. we will be able to tell you why your MacBook is malfunctioning.

Mail-in Repair

Outside of Toronto? Mail-in your MacBook for repair, and we will send it back to you for free.

Call us today at 647-984-8202

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