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Apple New Services Revealed

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

On March 25th, Apple had announced that it is launching its very own streaming service called Apple TV+. Apple announcement seems to be opened to mixed reviews, as questions about affordability and quality of content seemed to be of concern. Apple TV app will consist of movies, TV shows, sports and video for kids. What’s good about the app, is that you will be able to be able to add cable and other streaming apps (e.g. Spectrum, DirecTV, Optimum, Hulu, PlayStation and Fubo) to their services.

What do we think?

We personally think this is a great move for Apple, as it is only benefit us. We the consumer have more options to choose from. Apple will produce cutting edge movies and TV shows, because they have to, they cannot survive on creating mediocre. They also know that if this new app is unsuccessful it will hurt their reputation.

As for price, I think Apple will have to find some sort of bundle deal similar to Amazon Prime to offer to customers. Customer are willing to pay, as long as they feel that they are getting value. I do enjoy watch movies and TV shows from time to time, but if it will interfere with my finances it is not worth it. Their just too many alternatives that are free (Youtube) or more affordable like Netflix that I can turn too.

What do you think? How much are you will to pay and will you keep your Netflix account?

They also announced that they will be entering into the gaming scene. Apple Acarde subscription will let you play 100+ new games. These games can be played on the Apple TV, iPhone or iPad. The new service will be available through family sharing, which is a huge plus for families.

Apple card is another interesting service that Apple will be coming out with. Imagine no longer paying for late fee and over the limit fee? That would be pretty sweet. The card will feature benefits like 3% daily cash back on purchases directly from Apple, 2% daily cash back on anything you pay for what Apple Pay virtually, and 1% daily cash back on purchase using the physical card. I think this will be successful, because most young people are always looking build their credit. I personally prefer to pay with cash and this has very little interest to me.

While Apple News+ has been around for a while, they will be adding 300+ magazines digital content and newspapers like LA Times and Wall Street Journal to the platform. For avid reader, this sounds like a great bundle.

Apple new streaming services will be coming to us in the fall. Which services are you the most excited about?

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