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Screen Replacement

Whether you need an older model Mac screen repair or a newer Macbook Pro Retina screen replacement, Mac Speedy Repair can replace your damaged MacBook Pro screen with a new display to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


Screen Issue, for examples:


  * Cracked screen or broken screen
  * Vertical lines or Horizontal lines
  * Grey screen or Black screen
  * Dark Screen or no backlight
  * Flickering screen

Additional Information

Mail-in your MacBook for repair, and we will send it back to you for free.

6-Month Warranty

We offer limited warranty on repairs. Accidental Damage and cracked screens are not covered.

Upfront Pricing

We offer the best prices on repairs. Our technician will give you a flat rate for the cost.

Diagnostic Test

We will be able to tell you why your MacBook is malfunctioning.

Mail-in Repair

Call us today at 647-984-8202

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