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What to do if you spilled liquid on your favorite Macbook?

Did you spill coffee or another liquid on your MacBook? Don't panic! We can repair your laptop and have it working like new again. We offer liquid spill repair for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty MacBooks.

Follow these following steps immediately:

Step 1 Disconnect the charger from the device immediately

Step 2 Hold down the Power button to turn off the device
Step 3 Turn the device upside down to prevent any further damage

. . . and Step 4 is to take it to us


Why liquid damage is serious

Liquid damage can cause serious damage to the internal components of your MacBook. When liquid comes into contact with the electrical circuits inside your laptop, it can cause corrosion. This corrosion can damage the circuits and make them inoperable.


How we can save your money

When you take your liquid damaged MacBook to Apple, they will typically replace the entire logic board. This can be a very expensive repair. We are able to repair the individual components of the logic board, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

. . . and about your data, we have some good news

The hard drive in your MacBook is usually protected in a sealed compartment, guarding it against liquid damage. This means that even if your MacBook is seriously affected by liquid, the hard drive might stay undamaged. We can recover data from liquid-damaged hard drives in MacBooks from 2010 to 2015 for MacBook Pro and up to 2017 for MacBook Air. However, for newer models, recovering data is challenging as the hard drive and memory are integrated into the logic board. Saving data from these newer models will require fixing the MacBook first.


Get in touch with us

Need help fixing your liquid-damaged Mac? Contact Mac Speedy Repair today for top-notch service and support, or click the side button for a free quote.

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